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Biography Biography I started learning music at the age of 6 with Tombak which is an Iranian instrument. I was trained by My father and Mr. Morteza Ghasemi. I got successful in Tombak instrument and entered Young Music festival in 2004.I got the first place in the Isfahan festival in Tombak. I selected the Piano as my professional instrument and I went to art school for a three year course . I always liked the contemporary music and jazz music and electronic music. Also, I was interested in playing the Piano in jazz style. I was a fan of The Pianist named Aziza Mustafa Zadeh and When I heard the pieces of Aziza or I saw the playing of Aziza, I got surprised and she gave me some ideas for composing and playing due to her combining Azary composition with Jazz music. I enjoyed her creativity and technique a lot; therefor, I composed one piece for the Piano solo in fusion music in 2005.I started to get experience in composition. I learned composition and ear training from Amir Eslami, Ali Montazeri, Saeed Honarmand. Also, I learned improvisation from Mohammad Ghomi Nezhad. After graduation from art school in Isfahan, I continued my education in Tehran Conservator in composition for three years. I was taught composition and Piano by Marina Agabakian, Alex Havansian and Mohammad Pazhutan. I took a composition course in which the master was Marina. Also, I passed a course in contemporary composition and electronic composition and studied production of jazz music in which the master was Mohammad Pazhutan. I have experienced performing in concert and recording albums as a pianist and synthesizer player and composer in jazz electronic fusion and contemporary music since 2007. I entered Fajr festival in composition part in 2014 and two pieces of my album named the color that was composed for Iranian instruments and cello and Bass Guitar and computer. I achieved the second place in that festival. I passed two online courses at Berklee college named jazz improvisation and ear training in 2014. Furthermore, I have been teaching the Piano and ear tearing and composition in different Isfahan institutes since 2007.I have always been influenced in my composing and playing by Chick Corea, Herby Hancock, Michel Petrucciani, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Bela Bartok, Philip Glass, Dave Weckl, John Patuuticci, Ahmad Pezhman and Ali Reza Mashayekhi. LIVE CONCERTS Jazz music concert, our band named Jazz Night at the Hoze Honari hall 2014 Jazz music concert, our band named Jazz Night at the Farshchian hall 2014 Piano Jazz duet, our band named Clavier at the Farshchian hall 2013 Fusion music concert, our band named Penta at the Hoze Honari hall 2012 Fusion music concert, our band named Pezhvak at the Helal Ahmar hall 2011 Fusion music concert, our band named Pezhvak at the Farshchian hall 2011 Electronic quartet concert, our band named Quartet at the Farshchian hall 2010-2011 Piano and Daf duet at the Seven Art institute in winter 2010 Orchestra conductor in fusion music, our band named Hezar Dastan 2009-2010 Fusion music concert, our band named Sokoote No at the ALBUM RECORDS Minimal For Noise And Piano 2014-2015 The Colors for computer, bass guitar, cello and Iranian 2013 Jazz No 1 for Piano bass and drum 2013 The Winter Memories for solo piano 2010 Farshchian hall instruments 2009
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